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スレッド、マウスアンドザムーン (日本)

THREAD, MOUTH AND THE MOON develops comfort wear using silk that is kind to people and environmentally friendly.

Silk that is gentle on the skin, has no stress, has excellent heat retention, has excellent moisture absorption and desorption (humidity control), has high antibacterial properties, blocks ultraviolet rays, and is lightweight. The natural material that humans have been using since ancient times are not only their noble impressions, but they are actually very functional.


Fashion products using silk have existed for a long time, but most of them are luxury items, and many of them are far from the ones that are used on a daily basis.


[THREAD MOUTH AND THE MOON] is a new brand that proposes to wear more casually while paying attention to the characteristics of such silk. This long brand name is born from an anagram-like word game in which the Chinese character "silk (絹)" is decomposed into "thread (糸)", "mouth (口)", and "moon (月)", and represents the attitude of a chic and fan brand.

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