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TM Sweat Hoodie

TM Sweat Hoodie

SKU: TM20201P_T13_S
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Happiness wrapped in 100% silk fleece.

The outside is crispy and the inside is moist. We have developed a sweat fabric that looks like al dente. The brushed 100% silk fleece touches the skin. Not only is it highly heat-retaining, but it is also soft and fluffy to wear. The front side is cotton MVS thread. Since cotton is spun by swirling compressed air, it is hard to get fluffy and has a firm feeling. Even if you wear it as a single piece, it has a strong presence, and even if you put on the outerwear, the hood part will not be sluggish and you can layer it neatly. Retrofit hoods found before the 1950s are now the prototype of mainstream hoodies and are not like hoodies. The hood folds down neatly, giving a clean impression around the neck. The unique silhouette is obvious even from behind. A gem for Gents who can tell the difference. The front pocket cut into the hexagon gives a solid impression. Side action rib specifications on both sides. It fully expands the range of motion of the arm and makes it more comfortable to wear.

  • size

    S : Length 65 cm, Width 120 cm, Shoulder width 58 cm, Sleeve length 57.5 cm
    M : Length 67 cm, Width 124 cm, Shoulder width 59.5 cm, Sleeve length 59 cm
    L : Length 69 cm, Width 128 cm, Shoulder width 61 cm, Sleeve length 61 cm

  • material

    Body 72% cotton 28% silk
    Rib 95% cotton 5% polyurethane

  • country of origin


  • Detailed information

    -Original material developed over several years to create true comfort wear-It is a material that is not only light, warm and soft to the touch, but also environmentally friendly and human-friendly.
    -The surface of the fabric is 100% cotton and uses MVS yarn spun by swirling compressed air, with less fluff, less pilling, and less likely to lose its shape due to washing.
    -By knitting 100% silk thread on the inside that touches the skin and raising it further, it is finished with a chewy, fluffy, warm and gentle texture.

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