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TM PJs Trousers

TM PJs Trousers

SKU: TM20116B_015_S
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The most comfortable bottom that is not easy and is also useful for formal wear .
A PJ trouser with a drawcord on the waist, which is gentle on the skin and has a moist and thick texture, just like the legs that do not have shoulders and elbows.
-Although the waist is an easy pants specification with a built-in waist strap, the silhouette does not become casual even if the center tack is firmly inserted and the shirt is in.
――Darts are put on the back line that falls from the waist to the hips to create a beautiful hip line.
--Side slit pockets and back pockets are arranged.
――We used 100% extra-fine silk and carefully woven high-quality broad. 
――The slightly brushed surface sublimates the original comfort of silk into an elegant impression.
――A versatile trouser with good quality, whether you wear a T-shirts or other cut-and-sew, or a Cuban shirt or other open-collared shirt.
――The “falling feeling” unique to silk and the slightly brushed dull luster are also useful in dress-up styles.

TM20110S ・ You can enjoy it as a setup with PJs Shirts.

  • size

    S : Waist 81cm, hips 108cm, armpit length 105cm
    M : Waist 84cm, hips 111cm, armpit length 107.5cm
    L  : Waist 87cm, hips 114cm, armpit length 110cm

  • material

    silk  100%

  • country of origin


  • Detailed information

    ・ Uses 100% silk high-grade broad, which is made by carefully weaving the ultra-fine silk spinning used for high-class dress shirts, with raw silk for the warp and 210 / 2N count for the weft. It is suppressed and finished with a smoother texture.
    -Uses silk spinning, which is characterized by a dull and calm luster that is not too glare compared to the luster of general silk.

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