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TM PJs Shirts Flannel

TM PJs Shirts Flannel

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New normal Ichihara.
A 100% silk shirt jacket that achieves a high-level fusion of luxury and comfort. Dry and fluffy noil yarn that contrasts with the "delicate and glossy" texture that can be said to be synonymous with silk, while maintaining the lightness and beauty unique to silk, as well as the functionality such as heat retention and hygroscopicity. Textiles using. A unique textile that gives a warm impression like wool. Not only can you enjoy the ultimate night sleeping time as it is in your pajamas, but you can also use it as a set-up with chic shoes and innerwear. You can open the button to make it look like a haori coat, or you can wear a solid dress shirt with a bowtie to make it look like a dress suit. The "lightness" and "feeling of falling" unique to 100% silk realize a special appearance.
* We are proposing a setup with TM20209B / Strings Comfort Trousers.

  • size

    M : Length 70.5cm, Width 119cm, Shoulder width 53cm, Sleeve length 56.5cm

    L : Length 73 cm, Width 123 cm, Shoulder width 54 cm, Sleeve length 58.5 cm

  • country of origin


  • material

    Body 100% silk

    Separate cloth cupra 100%

  • Detailed information

    -It is a thick material that is luxuriously used with 53 momme (1 momme = 4.3gm) silk, which is rare in silk.
    -Nell (raised) processing is applied to both sides to create a soft and fluffy texture.
    -Although it is a material with meat, it is stress-free due to the very light characteristic of silk fiber. * This product has uneven threads, uneven weaving, and neps to express a natural feeling.
    -Due to the characteristics of the material, especially dark colors may transfer to other objects if they rub against each other. Please be careful when getting wet with sweat or rain, or when washing.
    ・ Please avoid using it in combination with light-colored clothes or bags while it is new.
    ・ If the color is transferred, wash and clean it as soon as possible.
    ・ Please wash the items marked as washable separately from other items.

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