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TM PJs Shirts

TM PJs Shirts

SKU: TM20110S_015_M
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New normal Ichihara.
A 100% silk shirt jacket that achieves a high-level fusion of luxury and comfort. Using 100% of the extra-fine silk used in luxury dress shirts, we have carefully woven a high-class broad. The slightly brushed surface sublimates the original comfort of silk into an elegant impression.
Whether it's a suit-style outfit with a set-up, or loungewear to enjoy the ultimate in private time, it's a styling that fits in with any time.
By slightly raising the brilliance peculiar to silk, it is finished in a luxurious dull luster. The overwhelmingly beautiful "feeling of falling" also plays a role in achieving a beautiful appearance, and it is a special piece that cannot be found anywhere else.
The left chest pocket is elegant with the specifications that the seams are not exposed. The back style is one tone and chic, but the triangle patch on the back gives an accent and gives an impression.
Enjoy your favorite style with buttonless cuffs, whether you tuck up your sleeves, fold them back, or leave them as they are.
* Proposed with the bottom and setup of TM20116B / PJs Trousers.

  • size

    M : Length 71 cm, Width 120 cm, Shoulder width 52.5 cm, Sleeve length 57 cm
    L : Length 74 cm, Width 124 cm, Shoulder width 54 cm, Sleeve length 59 cm

  • material

    Body silk  100%
    Separate cloth cupra 100%

  • country of origin


  • Detailed information

    ・ Uses 100% silk high-grade broad, which is made by carefully weaving the ultra-fine silk spinning used for high-class dress shirts, with raw silk for the warp and 210 / 2N count for the weft. It is suppressed and finished with a smoother texture.
    -Uses silk spinning, which is characterized by a dull and calm luster that is not too glare compared to the luster of general silk.

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