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TM Long Sleeve T-shirts

TM Long Sleeve T-shirts

SKU: TM20109L_005_S
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T-shirts with freshly knitted ribs that can be a special protagonist.

A perfect balance of cotton and silk for everyday wear. The gentle comfort that makes you feel as if your skin is not touching anything is unique to silk. An original blend that combines the beautiful color of silk and the smoothness of the material with the friendly personality of cotton. The ribs on the collar and sleeves are knitted using the same thread as the body, which is a design point. It is an outer cut-and-sew with a slightly box silhouette that can be worn as a single piece like a summer knit. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but the "falling feeling" of the fabric, which cannot be achieved with cotton alone, creates a luxurious feel unique to silk.

  • size

    S : Length 71 cm, Width 53 cm, Shoulder width 46.5 cm, Sleeve length 60 cm
    M : Length 72.5cm, Width 55cm, Shoulder width 48cm, Sleeve length 62cm
    L : Length 74 cm, Width 57 cm, Shoulder width 49.5 cm, Sleeve length 64 cm

  • material

    83% cotton 17% silk

  • country of origin


  • Detailed information

    ・ Although it is made of silk, it has a non-glossy look. ・ It has a luxurious color that is unique to silk. ・ It has a fine fluff on the surface to add a gentle touch.

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