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TM Dessert Dress

TM Dessert Dress

SKU: TM20114D_033_F
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We propose dessert dresses as dress-up wear for city life or comfort wear at resorts.
* Proposed in setup with TM20117B / PJs Trousers.
The dress with plenty of width and length has deep slits on the side to make it easier to walk. The gathers on the back form a generous amount of length. Central Asia and West Africa in the desert area. Deserts mainly distributed around latitudes 20 ° -40 °. A dessert dress known for its distinctive design that protects you from the high temperature and dryness, many sandstorms, and the extremely large daily range (daily temperature difference). Air is circulated from the sleeves, collar, and hem to spend the hot time, and in the morning and evening when it gets cold, the cuffs and neck are closed tightly to protect against the cold. Even in modern urban life, the environment in which we live is harsh. TM's Desert Dress is a special garment for Gents who survives the present age with analog wisdom. Once you experience the skirt style, you will be amazed at its comfort, so please experience it.
――The organic texture of the noil yarn is fresh, and the 100% silk shoulders and elbows are gentle on the skin, and the dry and firm material provides the best comfort.
--A hidden pocket is placed in the slit of the neck, which is a feature of the kaftan dress. It is possible to carry a hotel room key or payment card with you.
――It was sewn carefully with the same hand movement as a dress shirt.
――There are slit pockets on both the left and right sides, ensuring practicality.
――The generous length and width allow you to freely release your body.
――It is an item that you can experience the charm of silk to the fullest, fluttering beautifully every time you move.

  • size

    F : Length 116 cm, Width 141 cm, Shoulder width 58 cm, Sleeve length 59 cm

  • material

    silk  55% cotton  40% rayon  Five%

  • country of origin


  • Detailed information

    -Silk filament yarn is used for the warp that is the backbone of the fabric, and silk x cotton blended yarn is used for the weft that gives the fabric an expression. By leaning the silk filament yarn against the warp, it gives a clean feeling of falling, and by driving the noil silk x cotton yarn with uneven thickness into the weft, it gives a rough look that is completely different from the general image of silk. I expressed it.
    -Characterized by fine suede processing and tumbler drying, it has a smooth and fluffy texture. * This product has uneven threads, uneven weaving, and neps to express a natural feel.
    -Due to the characteristics of the material, especially dark colors may transfer to other objects if they rub against each other. Please be careful when getting wet with sweat or rain, or when washing.
    ・ Please avoid using it in combination with light-colored clothes or bags while it is new.
    ・ If the color is transferred, wash and clean it as soon as possible.
    ・ Please wash the items marked as washable separately from other items.

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