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TM Comfort Trunks

TM Comfort Trunks

SKU: TM20105U_015_S
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A perfect balance of cotton and silk for everyday wear.
The gentle comfort that makes you feel as if your skin is not touching anything is unique to silk.
An original blend that combines the beautiful color of silk and the smoothness of the material with the friendly personality of cotton. Firmly knitted ribs and clean front parts finished with a flat seamer. The variation of sherbet color is an option that is easy to incorporate and adventure because it is underwear.
* This product has a relaxed design in pursuit of relaxing comfort. When purchasing, we recommend one size smaller than the Japanese size you normally wear.

  • size

    S : Waist 60cm, hips 88.5cm, armpit length 30cm
    M : Waist 65cm, hips 93.5cm, armpit length 31cm
    L : Waist 70cm, hips 98.5cm, armpit length 32cm

  • material

    83% cotton 17% silk

  • country of origin


  • Detailed information

    ・ Although it is made of silk, it has a non-glossy look. ・ High-quality coloring unique to silk material. ・ Adds a gentle touch by making the surface finely fluffed.

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