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A big size tote bag with more capacity than it looks.

2WAY of hand-held handle and long shoulder strap.


Since the gusset is folded inward, it fits in a "rice ball type" when there is little luggage and can be used daily.


Of the two inner pockets, the one on the body side is a vertically long size that can store one wine bottle.

The other pocket is a utility pocket where the iPad can be inserted sideways and small items can be easily taken out.


The handle and shoulder strap are one piece, and the contact patch with the bag body is large, making it durable.



A capsule collection created in collaboration with "Lefts," which develops botanical die products, and "ROSE KiTCHEN," a hoodist company that provides catering services based in Paris.

This time, I made 5 special colors using the petals and stems of roses from Rose firm Keiji (WABARA) in Shiga prefecture.


There are 8 product numbers in all, all of which are important items in daily life.

  • About LINEN (hemp)

    Good to the touch

    It has a unique suppleness and crispness, and the more you use it, the softer it becomes.

    Good water absorption

    The water absorbency of linen keeps you comfortable even when you sweat. Linen is said to be about four times more absorbent than cotton.

    Linen handkerchiefs and towels, as well as sweaty summer clothes, are very effective.

    High quick-drying

    Linen is divergent and breathable, and will dry quickly even when it gets wet. This is the reason why linen is often used during the rainy season and in the humid summer.

    For example, if you use linen for your sheets and bedspreads, you can sleep comfortably even if you sweat a lot while you sleep.

    Durable and long-lasting despite being thin

    Linen is said to be the toughest of all natural fibers. In Europe, it is said that you bring a lot of white linen with initials embroidered as a wedding tool, but it is a material that can be used for a long time. Also, because it gets wet with water and increases its strength, it is not easily damaged even when washed, and it is also a point that you can easily wash it many times. When it absorbs water, the fibers expand and adhere to each other, further increasing their strength.

    Soft enough to use

    Linen is said to be the most beautiful in 10 years. By using it, the softness and luster will increase.

    Linen that you can wash and care for yourself and can be used for a long time is one of the pleasures to follow the texture and expression that changes little by little.

    Hard to get dirty and has antibacterial properties

    Due to the effect of pectin contained in linen fibers, it is said that dirt does not easily soak in and it is easy to remove dirt even if it gets dirty. The white linen becomes whiter as you wash it, and the natural color linen becomes more textured. The linen is useful even in situations where cleanliness is required.

    In addition, the fiber itself has antibacterial properties, which suppresses the growth of mold and germs. Wrapping rice cakes and bread with linen will prevent the growth of mold.

    Good color development

    Because the material has good coloring, you can enjoy various colors other than the original color of the material. The texture changes as you use it, and you can enjoy the change in beautiful color expressions.

    Good balance of breathability and heat retention

    Linen is not just a summer material. Linen, which allows excess moisture and heat to escape when it's hot and keeps heat when it's cold, is a material you should definitely use in winter. Since the linen fiber is hollow and contains air, the air warmed by the body temperature does not escape and warms the body in winter.

    Less fluff

    Due to the effect of pectin contained in the linen fiber, the linen is hard to fluff even if it is used for a long time or washed. If you wipe the glass with linen, the fibers will not stick and it will be cleaner.

  • size

    Width 650mm Hight 570mm
    Handle Long: 920mm / Short: 280mm

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