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Reliable domestic production


Highly refined domestic lamp oil "RAINBOW OIL".
Not only is it smokeless and odorless, but impurities (soot, etc.) are not cut off during combustion. In addition, since it is not volatile, it does not vaporize during storage, and the oil alone does not ignite and burn, so it can be used safely.


Since it is odorless, it is also ideal for indoor use.

Oil can be easily replenished through the hole in the tank cap because the tip of the container is tapered.

CLEAR is colorless and transparent. When used for CHEZ BALL LUMP, it looks like oil is floating.

BLUE is a transparent and refreshing light blue that accents the lamp.

  • Product information

    Material: Paraffinic hydrocarbon (3rd petroleum danger grade) 3

    Size: φ57 × H210 300ml

    Remarks: Burning time about 60 hours (5 ml per hour)

    Made in Japan

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