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Kuromojiya Kuromoji Tea 90g

Kuromojiya Kuromoji Tea 90g

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Non-caffeine, pesticide-free, additive-free


Kuro-moji tree, also known as "Japanese rosewood" because of its refreshing scent. It is a non-caffeine tea that is pesticide-free and additive-free, making the best use of the scent of the leaves and branches of Kuro-moji that grows naturally in the beautiful mountains of Keihoku.


The "Casual" series of Kuro-moji tea comes in a craft bag with a zipper that is convenient for storage, so you can easily enjoy Kuro-moji tea every day.


The leaflet on the upper right of the package is removable and details how to make tea, recipes using tea, how to use tea leaves for bath time and gardening, etc., so there is no place to throw away Kuro-moji tea until the end Please enjoy.


How to brew delicious

Fill a soup stock bag or tea bag at home with 10g of Kuro-moji tea and simmer slowly in 1ℓ of water for about 30 minutes. Since Kuro-moji contains antibacterial ingredients, it can be expected to have a bactericidal effect in the room.


Of course, the hot brewed tea is delicious, but the Kuro-moji tea that has been chilled after a while has a fragrant aroma and is very delicious, so please enjoy it by making a large amount in a kettle.

  • material

    Branches and leaves in black letters (100% domestic)

    * Only black letters from Kyoto and Keihoku are used.

  • How to enjoy Kuro-moji

    At Kyo Herb Kuromojiya, various ways to enjoy black letters are available on our website. Please take a look.


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