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kontex Mekke Organic M

kontex Mekke Organic M

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Towel Mecca Organic (shoe)


The organic "towel to wear" is ready.

From the popular "towel to wear" mekke, which feels like you are wearing a towel, a new solid color product using soft organic thread has appeared.
This time as well, we use the same high-quality thread as the towel, and use the same equipment as the towel to thoroughly wash it with natural water. This effort, which is not found in the normal production process of socks, has created socks that have excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties and are not stuffy, and are as easy to wear as a "towel to wear".

Do not get stuffy, tired, or tighten.

The heel has a Y-shaped pocket structure that prevents it from slipping, and the inner pile provides an exceptional fit that completely wraps your foot.
The knitting machine of sports socks is used, and the density is higher than that of normal socks, so it has excellent durability and cushioning properties, and is ideal for those who are suffering from foot fatigue during standing work.
On the other hand, the upper part of the ankle is loosely knitted to the last minute, and the number of rubbers used is reduced, so the discomfort of the foot and the tightening that obstructs blood flow are reduced as much as possible.
Ankle socks with excellent fit and leg warmers that do not tighten are nice to use as one sock, and if you notice it, you will reach out in the winter.

  • Product information

    Size: 25-27 cm
    Material: Cotton (organic cotton) 85% Polyester 10% Nylon 3% Polyurethane 2%

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