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kontex Lana

kontex Lana

PriceFrom ¥880
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LANA |   Lana



Light like a wool knit.
Lana means knit in Italian. It features a lightness and softness like a wool knit that does not make you think of a towel, and it is a special piece that you can feel a gentle bulge with a sense of security.


Excellent breathability with waffle weave.
With a fine three-dimensional weave, it has good breathability in the tissue, and you can experience a smooth touch, and you can use it comfortably throughout the year.



Has excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. A new type of towel that not only absorbs water but also dries quickly, with attention paid to thread selection, weaving, and post-processing so that you can experience the natural softness of cotton. Since there is no pile, it does not look like a towel, and it is recommended to use it as a fashion or interior.


The S size can be used as a kitchen cloth because it dries quickly, the M size can be used as a towel around the kitchen or in the bathroom, and the L size can be used as a pillow cover in addition to bath towels. In addition, XL size is a product with a wide range of uses such as blankets and shawls, and is popular as a rug and a ket at many stores such as restaurants and beauty salons in Japan and overseas.

In addition to chic color variations regardless of gender, embroidery looks good, so gifts with initials are also recommended.

  • material

    100% cotton

  • size

    S size:   [36 x 36 cm]
    M size:  [36 x 85 cm]
    L size:   [55 x 110 cm]
    XL size: [85 x 145 cm]

    Please see the product image for each size comparison image

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