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FEURHAND |  Fur hand  Lanthanum is an original brand of kerosene lantern that was born in Germany in 1893.


Known as the hurricane lantern, Furhand is used as a kerosene lantern that is closely related to people's lives in various regions where the world's culture and living standards differ due to its simple structure and practicality.


"Combustion mechanism of fur hand lantern"
A flame illuminates the fuel-soaked wick, and the warmed air rises and is released from the chimney.
By this updraft, fresh air is sent to the lower burner through the pipes on both sides to promote combustion.








  • Product Summary

    ● Body dimensions / 15 x 26 cm
    ● Weight / 480g
    ● Tank capacity / 340ml
    ● Fuel / kerosene, paraffin oil ● Materials / body: Galvanized steel ● Burning time / 20 hours or more ● Brightness / 5W

  • * What you need to know before purchasing

    Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be coating unevenness that occurs in the manufacturing process, but we deliver products that have cleared the manufacturer's quality standards and have been inspected again at our shop.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the limited quantity, we are limited to one per person.

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