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​オークン ラボ(インドネシア)

Oaken Lab is an artisan scent, grooming and body care company aiming to improve your daily ritual. Their goal is to encapsulate fragments of stories and shared memories through unique scents and infuse them in great products.

Oaken Lab perfumes are developed as fine fragrances, meticulously crafted in house from the best essential oils and aroma molicules. Each product is formulated in their own lab, balanced with skin-nourishing, natural ingredients.

Chris Kerrigan and Cynthia Wirjono have developed a career around their love for creativity and passion for bringing new ideas to the forefront. The seed of OAKEN LAB started with Chris’ passion for fragrance and his drive to perfect the lost art of shaving.

Dissatisfied with standard shaving products, Chris set off to develop his own. After months of research and meticulously developing formulas and scents by hand, Oaken Lab was born. 

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