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Lefts  (Japan)

A lifestyle brand that advocates "Make the most of everything." And unravels the beauty of the essence of continuity. Beautiful design is the most important priority, and we strive for safe, secure, and fair manufacturing.

The colorful lineup that enriches the everyday landscape is a collection of 100% botanical dies, all dyed with natural plants that have a reason to be involved with Lefts.

Not only can you incorporate the beauty of natural colors into your life, but you can also realize the benefits of not using chemical solvents = being friendly to humans, society and the environment.

In addition, all products are available in one size. This project is completed by combining the individuality of the wearer.

A person with a style creates a style. It will be an active lifestyle brand.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL means fits anybody. It is the best product for gifts that you can give without hesitation about the size.


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