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キョウハーブ クロモジヤ(日本)

Kuro-moji has a lineup of items that enrich people's lives by making full use of the single-origin Lindera umbellata trees of Keihoku (Kyoto City) that grow naturally on high-quality water sources.


Kuro-moji tea is a non-caffeine that can be boiled and drunk every day, and has an outstanding effect on the body.

It is delicious when iced or hot, also it's an excellent material that can be used for cooking. You can actually taste and enjoy it at mcb.

A set with a recommended kettle is a gift that everyone will be very pleased with.

What is "Kuromoji"?

Kuro-moji (Lindera umbellata) is the same camphor tree as rosewood, and has a refreshing wood flavor and an elegant sweet floral scent, and is also called Japanese rosewood. Kuro-moji has a high antibacterial effect and has long been known as a Chinese herbal medicine called "Usho". The aroma component of Kuro-moji is rich in linalool, which can be expected to refresh the mind and body and deeply relax. It has been confirmed that linalool has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immune function recovery, itch suppression, and sedative effects.


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